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The Lucille Ball Page

Blood Money- United Artists, 1933
Broadway Thru a Keyhole- United Artists, 1933
Roman Scandals- United Artists, 1933
The Affairs of Cellini- United Artists, 1934
Bottoms Up- Fox, 1934
Broadway Bill- Columbia, 1934
Bulldog Drummond Strikes Back- United Arts, 1934
Carnival- Columbia, 1934.
The Fugitive Lady-Columbia, 1934
Hold That Girl- Fox, 1934.
Jealousy- Columbia, 1934
Kid Millions- United Artists, 1934
Men of the Night- Columbia, 1934
Moulin Rouge- United Artists, 1934
Nana- United Artists, 1934
I Dream Too Much- RKO, 1935
Old Man Rhythm- RKO, 1935
Roberta- RKO, 1935
Top Hat- RKO, 1935
Bunker Bean- RKO, 1935
Chatterbox- RKO, 1936
Follow the Fleet- RKO, 1936
That Girl From Paris- RKO, 1936
Dont Tell the Wife- RKO, 1937

Stage Door- RKO, 1937
Annabel Takes a Tour- RKO, 1937
The Affairs of Annabel- RKO, 1938
Go Chase Yourself- RKO, 1938
Having a Wonderful Time- RKO, 1938
Joy of Living- RKO, 1938
Room Service- RKO, 1938
The Next Time I Marry- RKO, 1938
Beauty For the Asking- RKO, 1938
Five Came Back- RKO, 1939
Panama Lady- RKO, 1939
Thats Right--Your Wrong- RKO, 1939
Twelve Crowded Hours- RKO, 1939
Dance, Girl, Dance- RKO, 1940
The Marines Fly High- RKO, 1940
Too Many Girls- RKO, 1940 <~the big movie :)
You Cant Fool Your Wife- RKO, 1940
A Girl, a Guy, and a Gob- RKO, 1941
Look Who's Laughing- RKO, 1941
The Big Street- RKO, 1942 <~a really good one!
Seven Days' Leave- RKO, 1942
Valley of the Sun- RKO, 1942
Best Foot Forward- MGM, 1943
DuBarry was a Lady-MGM, 1943

Thousands Cheer- MGM, 1943
Meet the People- MGM, 1943
Abbott and Costello in Hollywood- MTM, 1945
Without Love- MGM, 1945
The Dark Corner- Twentieth Century Fox, 1946
Easy to Wed- MGM, 1946
Lover Come Back- Universal, 1946
Two Smart People- MGM, 1946
Ziegfeld Follies- MGM, 1946
Her Husbands Affairs- Columbia, 1947
Lured- MGM, 1947
Easy Living- RKO, 1947
Miss Grant Takes Richmond- Columbia, 1949
Sorrowful Jones- Paramount, 1949
Fancy Pants- Paramount, 1950
The Fuller Brush Girl- Columbia, 1950
A Woman of Distinction- Columbia, 1950
The Magic Carpet- Columbia, 1950
The Long Long Trailer- MGM, 1954
Forever Darling- MGM, 1956
The Facts of Life- United Artists, 1960
Critics Choice- Warner Brothers, 1963
A Guide for a Married Man- Twentieth Century Fox, 1967
Yours, Mine, and Ours- United Artists, 1968
Mame- Warner Brothers, 1974