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Life with Lucy

Life with Lucy Episode Listings

Here is an episode listing for Lucy's fifth and final series, Life with Lucy. It aired on the ABC network Saturday nights at 8:00pm and was also Lucy's only unsuccesful Lucy series. Episodes without air dates were never aired. "'Twas the Flight Before Christmas" was only written, and not filmed. Altogether, fourteen episodes were written, thirteen were filmed, and eight were aired.


Season One

Episode Number Title Original Air Date Guest Stars (if any)
1 One Good Grandparent Deserves Another September 20, 1986
2 Lucy and the Guard Goose --
3 Lucy Gets Her Wires Crossed October 18, 1986 Dick Gautier
4 Lucy Makes a Hit with Jon Ritter September 27, 1986 John Ritter
5 Lucy Is a Sax Symbol October 25, 1986
6 Lucy Among the Two-by-Fours October 4, 1986 Peter Graves
7 Lucy and Curtis Are Up a Tree --
8 Lucy Makes Curtis Byte the Dust November 1, 1986
9 Lucy's Green Thumb --
10 Lucy, Legal Eagel November 8, 1986
11 Breaking Up is Hard to Do --
12 Mother of the Bride November 15, 1986 Audrey Meadows
13 World's Greatest Grandma --
14 'Twas the Flight Before Christmas -- Unfilmed